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  • Eternal Death Machine single & video
  • New Video! Stryfe Rocks the World with Velvet Revolution Music Video from Cursed Theatre
  • Don t Miss Celestial Burst The Maze Lyric Video & Kuntsquad New Single Necro Nightmare
  • Rock Metal Sensation Disillusive Play Signs With Wormholedeath and Announces Songs for the Non-Existent
  • New Video!  THE END A.D. Drops Stink Music Video
  • Don't Miss Little Pig's explosive 27 Music Video
  • Drunken Crocodiles Announce "SURFING ON HANGOVER SPRING TOUR 23"
  • New Video! Experience Baltavar's Thrash Metal Tunes in Their New Lyric Video "Angel's Shadow"
  • Instrumental Metal/Fusion Project Zebeck Releases Captivating Visualizer Video For "Renewal"
  • The Future of Metal Rock is Here: Found Missing's Debut Album "Blind Leading The Blind" Set For Release Via Wormholedeath
  • U.S. Metal Band MALUS DEXTRA Drops Pit (Lyric Video)
  • The Flying Caravan's Lyric Video for "Flying Caravan" Takes You on a Musical Journey - Get Ready to be Blown Away"
  • New Video: Hurricane On Saturn Unveils Official Visualizer for "Pollute The Mainstream"
  • New Video!  Melodic Death Metal Warriors IDOLATROUS Release Prophecy [Official Lyric Video]
  • Symphonic Metal Wonder BELLE MORTE Release “Exorcism” Ft. Ulziisaikhan Horoldamba Single & Video
  • Don't Miss THOD's New Single & Video "Wunde, Kieferkrampf und Tod"!
  • Melbourne Metal/Punk Act Küntsquäd Release Second Single “Xhrist”
  • Arched Fire: New single “Pestilence (feat. Tim “Ripper” Owens)” out! [Heavy / Speed / Thrash Metal]
  • Spanish Female Fronted Prog. Rock Band THE FLYING CARAVAN Signs With Wormholedeath
  • Italian Electronicore Discovery HURRICANE ON SATURN Signs With Wormholedeath
  • Death Metal Outfit CARRION Present Abaddon’s Pit (Lyric Video)
  • New Video!  Progressive Metal Phenomenon THE WRING Drops "Sins" Official Lyric Video
  • India Based Metal Discovery ETERNAL RETURNS Sign With Wormholedeath
  • US Melodic Death Metal Warriors IDOLATROUS Sign With Wormholedeath
  • Blackened Doom Metal Band THOD Sign With Wormholedeath
  • UK Progressive Rock Act Atlas : Empire Drops "Former Lives" Single
  • Don't Miss Arcana Collective & The 40 Thieves' New Singles & Videos
  • Melbourne metal/punk act Küntsquäd announce debut album and signing to Wormholedeath
  • Mexican Heavy Rockers DEVIL'S WHISKEY Drop "A Ritual of Eyes" (Official Music Video)
  • Don't Miss HELL'S SATANS' Lyric Video "Amulepe taiñ weichan"
  • Swedish Death'n'Roll Band ALL WASTED Drops The 2nd Single "Livin' la Vida Loca"
  • Chilean Thrash Metal Outfit HELL'S SATANS Sign with Wormholedeath
  • Female Fronted Heavy Metal Band TEMTRIS Release "Khaos Divine" Tracklist & Teaser
  • Finnish Metal Veterans Arched Fire Are Back With New single & Video "Fear" / Album on the way!
  • Melodic Death Metallers Olēka Present "Dead Echoes" (Lyric Video)
  • Progressive Space Rock Opera Band ARCANA COLLECTIVE Releases "The Launch" Single & Video

Tempi Dispari

La musica della porta accanto

The Chauffeur, 30nni e non sentirli. La photogallery della reunion

Tornano a calcare i palchi i novaresi Chauffeur e lo fanno su tavole d’eccezione, quelle del Teatro Coccia gremito al limite della capienza. Tra solidarietà e revival una serata carica di emozioni e sorprese. 

Di seguito la photogallery dell’eventi di martedì 30 gennaio. 


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