A band from Braga with Azorean air distills its heavy rock with alternative metal influences, in a canvas of emotions, sarcasm and words of intervention, where they portray humanity and its direction.
The Mighty Mister Shame started their activity in mid-2019, having simmered in 2020… (for obvious reasons).

In 2021, he managed to intensify his activity and prepare 8 songs that were part of his live debut.

Always showing their Sludge, Metal Crossover and Punk-Rock roots, in 2022 the 8 presentation themes went to the studio to be recorded and mixed by João Figueiredo, at Sr. Engineer Recordings (audio producer at Porta 253, having in his portfolio Fere, Imploding Stars, Toubkal, Ivy, André Júlio Turquesa…).
The themes include the special participation of Sofia Miranda (vocals) in “Into the Storm”; Inês Gonçalves, Joana Magalhães, Lara Silva and Mariana Martins (choirs) in “Queen of Hearts” Rogério Gonçalves (harmonic) in “Burnout” Fast Eddie Nelson (Vocals and solo guitar) in Burnout”.

Rui Portelinha (guitar – ex: Holly Llama, Hawks&Hounds)
André Batista (guitar – Dead Man Talking)
Ricardo Santos (bass)
Francisco Ramos (drums – ex: Utter, Hawks&Hounds)
Tiago Fonseca (vocals – ex: Labianca, Hawks&Hounds)

01 – Showdown
02 – Devil’s Lullaby
03 – Into the Storm
04 – The Tides
05 – Queen of Hearts
06 – The Grim Reaper’s Delight
07 – The Mighty Mister Shame
08 – Burnout


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