Photo: Londa R. MarksPhoto: Londa R. Marks

By Londa R. Marks
Blues Rock Guitarist Pat Travers performed at a small concert venue in Decatur, GA, the outskirts of Atlanta, on a Tuesday night, as if performing to a crowd of many thousands.

When you experience Pat Travers prepare to be transported to his world of music as if nothing else around you exists for an hour and half. You feel his passion during the show and for days after. He attacks guitar impeccably with every ounce of his soul. His vocals are seductive and sound is well crafted. You become part of his message.

Most of the favorite Pat Travers songs were played including mine: Crash And Burn, Stevie, Statesboro Blues and Diamond Girl. The show started with hammering, hard blues rockin’ energy, not words describing what they were going to do, but pure power drew you in and didn’t dissipate, didn’t let go, didn’t stop. The end of the performance arrived too soon.

Not only does Pat Travers‘ passion connect with the audience but the band is on the same plane complimenting each other with some of the best players around executing his music, reading each other flawlessly. Pat’s professionalism is outstanding and he still has that one thing that adds to a musician’s success which is hunger. That is difficult to say about musicians who have been around since the 70’s, which is why Pat Travers is one of the best blues rock musicians alongside greats like Rory Gallagher and Gary Moore.

The intimacy of a small concert venue has advantages for fans and band alike. Being close to such legendary musicians like Pat Travers, connecting on a soul level, immersed in their artistic expression makes you a part of their experience.

It is doubtful anyone left disappointed because the merchandise stand was packed after the show while the band spoke with everyone purchasing memorabilia such as: Pat Travers cool t-shirt based on the song, “Snortin’ Whiskey, Drinkin’ Cocaine, and two albums, “Live At The Iridium NYC” and “Retro Rocket.”

Before the show the band took time to speak with fans roaming around the bar area connecting with you as if you are old friends. Pat Travers is too humble, making sure to tell you that this will be a good show, as if anyone would doubt it. The band members are down to earth low key guys, friendly, fun and undeniably appreciative of their fans.

Pat Travers Band Members: Pat Travers (guitar, vocals), Kirk Mckim (guitar), Rodney O’Quinn (bass), Sandy Gennaro (drums)


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Photo: Londa R. Marks
Photo: Londa R. Marks

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