Timea Göghova

Timea Göghova’s new single „No More Tears” is a vivid, rejuvenating pop song with ethereal vibes and sophisticated vocals.

“No More Tears” merits from Timea’s extraordinary vocal abilities. Her voice smoothly shifts between rock and folk-rock; her delivery remains a coherent, one-of-a-kind musical experience – one that should be heard on any mainstream radio and in live.

As a multifaceted, emerging artist, Timea has wisely decided to show her versatile songwriting skills in different genres; for „No More Tears” accompanied by Thomas Archinal. The two of them use an elegant way with ethereal chords and a soothing, melancholic soundscape with a close-to-Americana guitar theme for this ballad. The ear-catchy chorus and storytelling make „No More Tears” memorable.

The song is a refreshing take on life and emotions with a touching and relatable performance and once again: an exceptional, fine-tuned, healthy, energetic yet smooth singing.

Compared to her previous endeavors in hard rock, jazz, and metal, „No More Tears” is an intriguing, new path in her artistic evolution.
Ultimately, „No More Tears” is a milestone both for the singer-songwriter and for her audience.


Timea Göghova is an artist, singer, and songwriter covering various genres. She is singing clean, she screams and she also sings some classic.

She has had two bands, a Melodic Metal Band, Still Awake since 2016 and Passion Control, a Jazzfunk Band, since 2017.

She started her solo project in 2021 in the genres of ballads and R&B.
The solo project Balladesque is in the foreground in 2022, there’ll be more focus on R&B in 2023.

The first ballads are recorded with the piano arrangements from Carolina Melisa Gonzalez alias Caro D’lirium (Argentina), but there are going to be other artists and songwriters featured in this project.

Timea’s love for music and singing was already obvious as a child. Her parents got to know each other in a choir, so singing must have been put in her cradle. After living 2,5 years in London, where she also sang in a choir, in 2001 she finally moves to Germany after falling in love with the German language.

Some projects/bands:

2009 – 2015 – second progressive Metal Band – Infinum

Album Release „Illusions“ without label

2015 – 2018 – electronic world music – Arcana Obscura

Album Release „2000 Miles“ – Consequence records

2016 until now – third metal Band – Still Awake

Album Release autumn 2022

2017 until now – jazz-funk fusion Band – Passion Control

EP Release 2020 Before the first, EP Release 2021 Second before the first

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