The Dortmund Deathfest will be held for the first time on 4th and 5th August 2023 in Dortmund – Germany.

All fans of Old School Death Metal, Brutal Death Metal and Classic Death Metal are invited. On 2 stages -one outdoor and one indoor- more than 20 bands will perform earblasting shows for the audience. The Venue “Junkyard” in Dortmund is well known in the area and one of the best clubs for Metal Shows.

The first two headliners are the old-school legends Deicide and I AM Morbid.

Deicide celebrates the 30th anniversary of “Legion” and will play a special Legion set that night. When Legion first came out it was a game-changer for death metal and even today the songs are as brutal as they were back then.

I AM Morbid are coming with a “one of a kind” show celebrating the album “Covenant”. The songs will be performed by David Vincent, Bill Hudson and Pete Sandoval. Better be ready for a great show at the Dortmund Deathfest.

The Ticket-Presale has also started and you can get your tickets at the following link:

The 2-day-ticket costs 79 Euro plus presale fee. The presale Tickets are limited to 1500 pcs.
Comment on the news (A quote of the artist/label/festival on the content of the press release) We are happy to announce our first bands and can’t wait to show you more of the Line-Up. We are working hard on getting the best bands from the genre on our new Festival. The first edition is always something special and we want to celebrate it with all of you guys.

For fans of Deicide, I Am Morbid, Cannibal Corpse, Kataklysm, Morbid Angel, The Black Dahlia Murder, Vital Remains, Stillbirth


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