TER is one man band named in honour of the river that rises in the peaks of Ulldeter, home of Nil Lapedra, the mastermind behind this.
Fueled by his own emotions and the landscapes of his rural area he writes his music, conceiving it as an immortal echo that resonates through the mountains and beyond.

TER released the first EP, titled “Homeward Bound”. This records was released 4th September 2022 only in digital format. Drum parts were recorded by session drummer Alfred Berengena (Baalphegor, Profundis Tenebrarum) who is also responsible for recording, mixing and mastering of this EP. Guest lead guitar in song “Cerulean Shores ” was played by Carles Soler from power metal band Haunted Gods. Cover artwork is a photography taken by Nil Lapedra and Marta Pairó (BjarkanMoss).

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