Testament bassist Steve di Giorgio Featured On Rock Overdose in-Depth Interview!

Just recently Greek Rock Overdose conducted a long and interesting interview with the fretless guru, STEVE DI GIORGIO, talking widely, amongst other topics, about Testament, Death, as well as Act Of Denial and Mother Of All + about the pandemic and how it’s changed the music industry?

Read the whole interview here: https://rockoverdose.gr/steve-di-giorgio-on-rock-overdose-en/

“I want to encourage everybody .Everybody has to take sides and deal with this. The one common ground that we all realize is that it is a very difficult time and we need to help each other get through  it and not continuously argue and take sides about it , it is not really productive so  we just try to rough it out man ,and as far as the music world . musicians are trying to remain creative and lookin for many different outlets , recording new stuff , collaboration videos , virtual concerts, live streaming all kinds of stuff and it’s all improvising ,trying to get through it . Hope we will see the end of these hard times and hope we come out to the other side good an go on with some kind of normalcy.” Steve Di Giorgio  

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