Forgotten Tomb, True Endless, Argesh live @ Comunità Giovanile

Sabato 14 marzo il palco della Comunità Giovanile di Busto Arsizio sarà messo a ferro e fuoco da 3 esplosive band:

Forgotten Tomb (Black metal from PC,PR,NO)

The True Endless (Official) (Black Metal from Novara)

Argesh – Apostate magnificat Black Metal (Apostate extreme poetry from Milano)

Band di punta della scena black/doom Italiana, i Forgotten Tomb hanno contribuito con dischi quali “Songs To Leave” e “Springtime Depression” alla nascita del movimento depressive black metal per poi dare nuova forma al genere con una costante evoluzione musicale che ha portato la band a integrare nuovi elementi nel proprio sound. Con un nuovo album in uscita per Agonia Records, l’ottavo della loro carriera, intitolato “Hurt Yourself and The Ones You Love” e forti di ben tre tour Europei a supporto del penultimo lavoro “And Don’t Deliver Us From Evil”, i Forgotten Tomb sono pronti per regalarvi uno show di qualità assoluta.

The True Endless have been created in winter 1997 by Soulfucker and M.

The band started from the very beginning to record and release demos, rehearsals and split tapes,
some self-released and others produced by glorious labels from the ancient underground.

In 2001 The True Endless started the collaboration with the scottish extreme label Aphelion Productions.
This collaboration gave birth to some of the most intense and desecrating pieces of Unholy Black Art from the beginning of the band’s career.
The split cd with Goat Horns (UK), “Wings Of Wrath” cd-lp, “A Climb To Eternity” cd-lp, “Buried By Time And Dust” cd,
“United In Hell” split cd with Tundra (Ita), Inferno (Cz Rep) and Sekhmet (Cz Rep), “1888 From Hell” double-cd,
“Too Heavy For Hell” split cd with Mephisto (Ita) and the very last “Legacy Of Hate” digi-cd
are examples of the fierce assaults of the band to the underground.

The True Endless collaborated with other maniacs, bringing to darkness some more releases with the help of different labels from all over the world:
“De Vermiis Misteriis” 4 way split cd with Blodulv (Swe), Malignance (Ita) and Sigma Draconis (Ita) by Nocturnal Brights Productions (Ita)
split cd with Angmar (Fin) by Bestial Burst Records (Fin)
“Black Souls Rebellion” split cdr with Lycanthropy (Rus), Bane (Ser), Warfiled (Mex) and Ancient Reign (Can) by Der Neue Weg (Ger)
“United In Demoniacal Obsession” split 7” with Aquer by Necromancer Records (Ger)
“Too Evil And Sick” split 7” with Mephisto by Vomitum Niger Productions (Ita)
Slava Productions (Thay) released the mc edition of “Wings of Wrath” and the split “Rape Your Souls With Black Metal Wrath” digicd with Gromm (Ukr) and Evil Wrath (Can);
Nekrogoat Heresy Productions-War Flagellation Productions gave birth to the tape editions of “A Climb To Eternity” and “1888 From Hell” and the cd “An Year In Black” and “Suicide Journey”
God Is Myth released “In The Swamp” an iper limited edition 3″ mcd about the H.P.Lovecraft novel “Polaris”. The same mcd has been re-released by Aphelion Production with a couple of bonus tracks in late 2011 e.v.

The new album called “Legacy Of Hate” from 2013 is unleashed by Aphelion Productions.
Then after a new line-up changes the band recorded a new two tracks promo.
One of the new songs will be part of the forthcoming split 7″ E.P. with Entirety.
The promo is actually part of a new split cd released by Fallen Angels Productions together with Catacumba (Bra), Abigail (Jap) and Taekaury (Kor).

The True Endless shared the stage with many bands like:
Marduk, Deicide, Vader, Taake, Helheim, Satanic Warmaster, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Besatt, Morrigan, Vesna, Mortuary Drape, Opera IX, Novembre, Handful Of Hate, Frostmoon Eclipse, Skyforger,
Gosforth, Myrkvid, Nefastt, Dismember, Sekhmet. Diagon, Trautenauer 666, Vexed, Hatework, Adversam, Natassievila, Unctoris, Winterdemons and many more,
plying gigs in Italy, Switzerland, France and Cz. Rep.


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